Student Brief
Create a packaging brand for a range of flavoured marshmallows, targeted at a mature demographic.

Create a rich sense of history for the 2500 year old confectionary, with a contemporary style and remedial twist!
Believe it or not, marshmallows have existed for a remarkable length of time in human history! In ancient Egypt, it was believed to possess medicinal properties. To provide a sense of age and history, I wanted the design to feature the visual language of an apothecary, passing on ancient wisdom, also reflected in the tone of voice of the product.
The illustrative logo was designed to give a contemporary feel, as well as a fun design to contrast and complement the antiquated aesthetics.
Packaging Die Cut
An optional design, most confectionary treats now come in recyclable packets to share, as well as resealable.
The ability to peel the 'wax seal' from the front to reapply on the bag opening seemed like a practical and versatile use for the product.

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