Student Brief
Concept development and event branding for the BFI's Alfred Hitchcock Festival.

Depict the voyeuristic, suspense filled and paranoid world of Hitchcock, to enhance the user experience.
I wanted the rollout to guide the user into Hitchcock's cinematic world, with his signature wit and dark sense of humour. From the ticket counter to the screen, his quotes provide a narration of his internal monologue, allowing the user to feel as though Hitchcock is sitting right there beside them.
The visual language was an homage to the late, great Saul Bass, whose famous poster and credit sequences relied on abstract layouts, shapes and monochromatic colour schemes.
To enhance the sense of drama and paranoia, the images were cropped and cut to either focus on the eyes, or remove them from view, to wonder what the subject is thinking. Additionally many were shaped like windows or blind-like vignettes, to provide a voyeuristic perspective to the user.

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