Student Brief
Redesign an album cover of choice, using hand made methods, to be photographed and digitally modified.

Recreate the surreal, dream-like imagery, of the soundtrack of Inception; whilst paying homage to the labyrinthine themes of the motion picture.
​​​​​​​With a collection of vinyls and a love of movie soundtracks, I often find myself listening to them while I work. It has an almost hypnotic effect and helps inspire and unlock ideas with the corresponding mood or emotion.
The biggest thing that stuck with me about the film was the haunting musical score of Hanz Zimmer. I wanted to explore the abstract ideas of the story by incorporating the imagery of mazes, the four levels of dreaming and the mind bending visuals of the movie.​​​​​​​
I used a hot wire cutter on a polystyrene bust, cut into four pieces (I had to practice on a few!), then painted it matte black. I then made a marionette-style handle with fishing wire and screw hooks, along with some cocktail sticks to hold the head in place, so it could be photographed effectively.
The dark blue/indigo colour reflecting off the black paint was a happy accident which allowed me to play around with different hues and colour scheme of the final product.

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