Client Brief​​​​​​​
The FISD and Finance Modules annually release their online training courses for their clients in the finance sector. These videos help educate both newcomers and experts in an ever growing industry. An expansion from last years course, the clients requested engaging visuals to accompany the presenter, across eight hours of content.

Provide a clean and streamlined approach, to help make the content of the course easy to digest and engaging with the end user. Create a visual language that helps sell the product as an educational tool and an extension of the clients existing brand to aid in their recognition.
Breakdown and Showreel
With a lot of information to process, it was vital that the overall aesthetic was on brand, functional and act as a recognisable training tool. I decided to work with the existing colour palette of both the FISD and Finance Module logos. The use of greens, with the accented use of yellow and purple for important visuals and the addition of blue for its associated use of technology; helped provide a harmonious colour scheme to not overwhelm the user or detract from the presenter, David.
Full Video

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